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Green Star Elite Juicer - White


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Short Description

The Greenstar Elite is an award-winning juicer of unsurpassed quality, providing the highest yield and maximum amount of nutrition out of your produce.



By adding a third stage to the juicing process, Greenstar Elite is the world’s only juice extractor utilising the same bio ceramic and magnetic technology found in regular twin gears but in a revolutionary advanced jumbo twin gear set which offers you not only the freshest tasting juice from your produce but also maximizes your juice yields from various fruits and vegetables compared to the original two stage system.

The extra-long Jumbo Twin-Gears deliver a juice yield like no other juicer, and the unique three stage slow juicing process extracts the maximum nutrient levels from your fresh produce. In addition, the Jumbo Twin-Gears include bio-ceramic magnets within their core which pull maximum minerals into the juice, they also work to greatly reduce the oxidation process so that unlike with conventional juicers, your juice will stay fresh for up to 5 days, not hours.

Jumbo Twin-Gear Technology:

The heavy duty, extra-long Jumbo Twin-Gears provide the highest juice yield and enhanced nutritional value compared to any other juicer.

Bio-Ceramic Magnets:
The bio-ceramic magnets embedded in the Jumbo Twin-Gear cores ensure that maximum minerals are “pulled” into the juice increasing the juice’s bioavailability, meaning that your body can more effectively absorb and utilise the dissolved minerals. They also greatly reduce the oxidation process so unlike conventional juicers, your juice stays fresh for up to 5 days, not hours.

Unique Three Stage Juicing Process:
Stage 1
Crushing and cutting of fruit and vegetables, without any of the damaging heat from centrifugal juicers.
Stage 2
Mixing of the pulp, enables cell membranes to open easily and allows more minerals to be extracted. Based on the workings of the Gerson Institute, this extra mixing is the perfect way to maximise the benefits of your juice.
Stage 3
Pressing of the pulp, forces the produce against the screen as hard as possible to separate the juice from the pulp thus producing a fresher juice with a higher nutritional value.

Replaceable Parts:
Tribest products are built to last. However, if the wear and tear of regular juicing eventually begins to take its toll, replaceable parts are available to add extra years to your juicer.


-Highest juice yield with driest pulp
-The extra mixing stage in-between the crushing and pressing stages allows soft fruits to be juiced much easier and more effectively
-Easy to clean and assemble - the “one-snap-step” latching and locking mechanism makes accessing the parts easy
-Works as a food mill for preparation of baby foods, sorbets and nut butters
-Juices vegetables, leafy greens, fruits, including soft fruits much easier and more effectively than other juicers as well as grinding nuts and grains
-Quiet, powerful motor runs at a low 110 rpm

Other items included:

Fine and coarse juicing screens, homogenizing blank, glass pitcher, cleaning brush, outlet adjusting knob, plastic plunger, drip tray, breadstick maker set, and detailed instruction manual.

Dimensions: 47cm W x 32cm H 18cm D

Weight: 13kg

For more information please see the user manual here: https://issuu.com/savant-health/docs/20131111_gse_manual_revised_web

Model: GSE-5000

5 Year Warranty 


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